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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Thing To Do Today: twirl.

Go on: give us a twirl.

It's most fun if you're wearing a big floaty skirt, but even someone in a suit can twirl beautifully if he puts his mind to it. The way to do it is to spin round neatly and then open the jacket wide at the last minute.

Hm...well, it looks great on a cat-walk, but perhaps on reflection it's not something to try in a dark alley.

A proper twirl is most fun:

File:Twirling dancer, Tajikistan.jpg
Photo by Brian Harrington Spier, Tajikistan.

but the more sedentary of us could limit ourselves to twirling a lock of hair round a finger; the more bald of us could twirl a shoe round by its laces; and the more macho of us could twirl a lasso, all ready to catch something large and meaty.

Lastly, you can always finish off your signature with a twirl.

Sometimes that sort of swank has made people quite famous.

Thing To Do Today: twirl. This word arrived in English the 1500s and is probably a mixture of twist and whirl.

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