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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Cannon fodder: a rant.

Every day my diary kindly informs me of an event that's occurred on that day of the year.

The entry for the 25th August goes like this:

A woman fired from a cannon fails to break the English record for the second time 1974.

Now I want to know three things:

first, is the 25th August really as deeply dull as that entry suggests?

second: did the woman (I like to think of her as a Tracey. Possibly a Tracey Huggins) experience her second failure at breaking the record, or did she fail in her attempt to break the record she'd gained previously?

third: what else did the poor woman break?

I really do want to know, you know.

Word To Use Today: cannon. This word comes from the Italian canna, which means tube.


  1. I was curious also, and a quick search found that the young woman did come out of that attempt without injuries, but apparently she was ready to try again.
    Maybe the next attempt is on a future page in your dairy?!

    Human cannonball misses target

  2. Thanks so much, Jingles, that's brilliant - you've answered all my questions.

    So she was Mary Connors, then. Suddenly that makes her sound rather brave and dashing.

    What a name can do!