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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sunday Rest. Word Not To Use Today: steatopygous.

Steatopygous is a nasty, tarry-sounding word which almost no one understands.

It's used only by those who are not only rather unkind, but arrogant with it.

Still, I can't help admitting to a certain glee in knowing a word to describe someone who has a fat bottom.

Tea in the garden, Beryl Cook 2003 

Word Not To Use Today: steatopygous. This word comes from the Greek stear or steat- which means fat, plus pugē, which means the buttocks.



  1. I love it! The word, I mean. Not necessarily the ... oh I'll just be quiet.

  2. oh yes. How this wonderful word is not yet in widespread use does amaze me, ie:
    "darling do I look steatopygous in these jeans?"
    So glad to meet you and I thank Normblog for introducing me.
    * goes off practicing stet op pijuss*

  3. A very hearty welcome to The Word Den, Anne.

    While we're on this subject, am I being terribly cynical in suspecting that the reason men always deny the slightest hint of steatopygia in their partners is a fear of producing a sudden and irresistible need for new clothes?

    Ed could probably tell us!