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Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Future's Future: a rant.

Appointments, tickets for concerts, plays and exhibitions: nowadays they all have to be pre-booked.

File:Michigan Theater Tickets.jpg
Photo by Andypiper.

The prefix pre (from the Latin prae, before) implies that I must do the pre-booking before the event in question.

Well, that's the only sensible - and, indeed, possible - way of doing it.

But what I want to know is, what in the name of Hades is plain booking supposed to do???

Word To Use Today: future. This word comes from the Latin fūtūrus, which means about to be, from esse, to be.

Hm, fūtūrus - esse. That's not that convincing, is it?


  1. What really annoys me is when booking is required (or pre-booking, if you will), and the price is advertised as £18 + £2 booking fee. I mean, why not just say "Booking required - Tickets £20". What is that all about? Eh? Tell me. Can you? Can anyone? No. They can't. And I wouldn't listen anyway.

    1. Well, Ed, I think it might be...


      There's no point in me typing this, is there.

      Bless you, anyway.