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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sunday Rest: sodcasting.

Sodcasting is playing music in a public place via a mobile phone.

I'd noticed that some new music is quite bland. This seems to be because it's designed to be played through speakers which can't play audible bass lines.

There's even a new dance music genre called 'blog house', which has bass lines transposed into a higher register so as to make them audible.*

Anyway, bye-bye bass, hello synth riffs.

And also, if you're playing the stuff outdoors, goodbye real world, hello listening to only the top half of music.

Not much of a swap, I'd say.

Word Not To Use Today: sodcasting. The term is believed to have been first used by Pascale Wyse in the Guardian in 2007. Presumably it's a mixture of broadcast, and sod meaning annoying person.

*Actually, come to think about it, the bass lines probably aren't transposed at all, just played up an octave or so.


  1. Oh dear. Why would anybody even want to do this sodcasting thing?
    I'm getting a headache just thinking about it.
    And feeling way more grateful that I live in the boonies far, far away from such nonsense!! :)

    1. You live in the boonies?
      Now there's an interesting word.
      If I lived there I'd be living in the sticks.

    2. Before I came to Canada, I called it the wop-wops!
      Boonies comes from boondocks I believe.

    3. Now you've got me really interested. A post on words for wilderness will be coming up here soon!