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Thursday, 5 September 2013

The immune system: a rant.

This is from The Guardian newspaper of 10th August 2013. It's from a review of The Compatibility Gene by Daniel M Davis.

The reviewer shall remain decently anonymous.

...the immune system is thought to be involved in fighting disease, pregnancy and the brain.

Two thoughts, here (which is, I fear, at least one more than the writer seems to have bestowed on this bit of his review).

First: if the immune system didn't fight disease then it wouldn't immune system. Would it?

Second: if the writer had put fighting disease at the end of his list then he'd have saved himself embarrassment.

But, hey, it gave me a laugh.

Word To Use Today: immune. This word comes form the Latin immūnis, which means exempt from public service, from mūnis, which means duty.



  1. Yes: and it doesn't exactly 'fight' pregnancy, does it? Or, god save us, the brain?

    1. Brilliant to hear from you, Katherine.
      Yes, you're quite right, of course. But then I suppose if people stopped to engage their brains before they attacked their keyboards then the newspapers would hardly be big enough to line a litter tray.
      And then where would we be?