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Friday, 6 September 2013

Word To Use Today: blunge.

Today's special offer: a chance to use the word blunge.

Yes, the word blunge.

You have to admit it's a gift to the wold. And, indeed, to the world(sorry, my fingers got crossed in my enthusiasm. Isn't it annoying that the funniest bits are so often typos? Mind you, wold is a superb word, too, which I shall file away for later.)

Anyway, blunge. What is it? It's a sloppy mixture of clay and water.

You can use it for making patterns on pots:

This pot was made by Michael Cardew.

or to stick bits onto them.

Wedgwood copy of the Roman Portland vase.

Predictably, you make blunge in a blunger, and in the potteries around the town of Stoke in England the blunger was loaded by the sliphouse blunger charger (blunge is also known as slip, though a blunger is not, as far as I know, known as a slipper.).

Ah, you may say, but I live in a blunge-free house, and my chances of tripping over a stray blunger charger are so small as to be negligible.

But how about those muddy shoes? Covered in blunge, quite probably.

And don't forget the power of metaphor.

Doesn't that morning fog cover the whole town in a sea of blunge?

And as for that school-dinner soup...

And how can anyone, but anyone be expected to do that Maths problem?

It's enough to turn your brains to blunge, isn't it.

Word To Use Today: blunge. This word appeared in the 1800s and is probably a mixture of blend and plunge.


  1. That there is a word I have listed to use at some point.
    It's also a Cheshire word for a mess or a muddle, and is also used as a verb - to make a mess of.
    Goes nicely with the sloppy clay and water definition!
    I hope I didn't make a blunge of that! :)

    1. It means mess or muddle?

      Brilliant. That's a word I can use every single day, then.

      Thanks, Jingles.