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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Saturday Rave: a proper Herbert.

George Herbert, the poet who wrote:

Lovely enchanting language, sugar-cane, Honey of roses!

Had a big brother who was a lord. Lord Herbert of Cherbury, in fact.

Hardly anyone has heard of him, but as it happens Lord Herbert of Cherbury wrote poetry, too.

He wrote, presumably to a young lady:

Now that the April of your youth adorns
The garden of your face.

The garden of your face...

...ah well. It shows that being a lord isn't everything, doesn't it.

Word To Use Today: herbert. Herbert is British slang. It can describe an annoyingly officious official (some herbert at Reception wouldn't let me through) a mischievous youngster (you grubby little herbert!) or an awkward adolescent (some spotty herbert on the till).

All herberts are male.

PS I must in justice to Lord Herbert point out that although, according to the Oxford Book of English Verse, he died in 1648, the lines above are dated 1665. So, in the circumstances, a brave effort, I think.

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