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Friday, 17 October 2014

Word To Use Today: tillicum.

Tillicum is a word of the Pacific Northwest of Canada and the USA. It's not a word for formal occasions, but, hey, that just makes it more useful.

What does it mean?

A tillicum is a person, but especially a friend. Mate, perhaps, might be the nearest equivalent used in England, but of course tillicum sounds much sillier.

Alphabet of Old Friends
Illustration by Walter Crane: Alphabet of Old Friends.

And what a lovely day to tell someone they're a proper tillicum.

Just make sure you have a head start before you do.

Word To Use Today: tillicum. This word comes from Chinook Jargon* from Chinook tixam, relations, people, or tribe, as distinguished from chiefs.

*As far as I know the only language to have started life at a dinner party.

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