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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday Rest: lobule. Word Not To Use Today.

Last week's Word Not To Use Today, lobe, was bad enough. But this is even worse.


The only good thing about a lobule is that it's generally smaller than a lobe.

The dreadful thing is that you have them inside you. In your brain:

Sobo 1909 624 - Paracentral lobule.png

(that one, the paracentral lobule, controls the movement and feelings in the lower limbs, and also peeing and pooing); in your liver, your kidneys...

...basically, eeerrrgghhh...

Word Not To Use Today: lobule. This comes from the Greek lobos, which means lobe. And, oh, I do wish it hadn't.

PS Apparently there's also something to do with machines called a lobular drive, but sheer horror prevents me from investigating it.

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