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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Thing To Do Today As Well As You Can: be a popsy.

Keep young and beautiful if you want to be loved, says the old (very old: 1933) song.

Actually, while I'm here, here's the song:

(here's a link if the recording won't play:
And if you can listen to that without smiling then I feel sorry for you. I mean, dancing is practically irresistible.
Anyway, being a popsy. You can't really do this successfully if you're male, but never mind, you can still try. Being old makes being a popsy difficult, too, but the same applies.
Be charming; be non-threatening; be sweet.
Look your best.
Flutter your eyelids.
Be wide-eyed at everyone else's marvellousness.
Joyfully embrace your own ignorance.
Oh, and wouldn't a world full of popsies make the world a happier place?
Thing To Do Today As Well As You Can: be a popsy. This word is a diminutive formed from pop, which is a shortened form of poppet, which is an early form of puppet, which comes from the Old French poupette, little doll.

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