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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sunday Rest: lobe. Word Not To Use Today.

I have lobes hanging on either side of my face. It's really rather horrid.

I understand I have several lobes in my innards, too, which is worse.


Lobes are bits of an organ that you can distinguish with the naked eye. They can be found in the brain (including the endearingly named flocculonodular lobe), the kidneys, the lungs, and the liver.

As if that wasn't bad enough, there are lobes all round us, too. Yes, it's really freaky. A glacial lobe is, predictably enough, a lobe-shaped glacier, and there are various sorts of lobes making up all those antennae you see poking up all over the place. You get lobes on leaves:

Quercus robur.jpg

and on camshafts, too. Not that I'd recognise a camshaft. Good grief, lobes can be anywhere!

Lobes can be enormous, too. Huge. Like a radio galaxy's lobes, for instance, or a Roche lobe, which is the area around a star in a binary system in which orbiting material is in the gravitational field of that star.

All right. I'm completely freaked out, now. In fact I think I may be about to coin a new word: lobophobia.

Keep safe, you lot.

Watch out if you go anywhere near an antenna...

or a tree.

Sinday Rest: lobe. This word comes from the Greek lobos, which means lobe of the ears or liver.

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