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Thursday, 6 April 2017

A Good School: a rant.

I wrote about DNA the other day, and how the glory of you, you yourself, can be described in an alphabet of just four letters (though I'm afraid one of the letters means, basically, bird poo). 

The only problem with this alphabet is that the text turns out to be rather lengthy (my post can be found HERE).

But what about if you don't have much space to get your message across? What if all you have is, say, the back of a bus?

I found myself travelling behind the minibus of a local fee-paying school last week. It had a slogan on the back, presumably aimed at the parents of prospective pupils.

It said:

Happiness, Confidence, Success

This was was a bit odd, I thought, because I surely the purpose of a school is to keep the kids safe and get them to learn lots of stuff.

Still, I suppose the people who run the school have a deeper philosophical attitude than that.

Something along the lines of a fool and his money is soon parted, perhaps.

File:Schoolchildren reading 1911.jpg

Word To Use Today: success. This word means a favourable result, though it used to mean any result. The word appeared in English in the 1500s and came from the Latin succēdere, to succeed.

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