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Friday, 21 April 2017

Word To Use Today: papyraceous.

Wasp's nests are papyraceous:

File:Common wasp, Queen and nest.jpg
photo by Paulpadam 

so are books:

File:A tower of used books - 8443.jpg
photo by Jorge Royan

and so is this picture frame:

photo by R de Salis

So, what does papyraceous mean, then?

Word To Use Today: papyraceous. This word comes from papyrus, an aquatic grass with umbrella-spoke flower stems at the top of the stems: 

File:01758 - Cyperus papyrus (Papyrus-Staude).JPG
photo by Tubifex

The inside of the stems was used to make paper-like stuff in Ancient Egypt, and papyraceous means relating, made of, or resembling paper. 

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