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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Sunsay Rest: glair. Word Not To Use Today

Glare is rather an aggressive-sounding word, but then, fair enough, a glare is an aggressive thing.

It follows, therefore, that glair is rather an aggressive-sounding word, too.

So, what do you think glair means? Is it some kind of large, particularly irritable ferret? 

A acidic substance used in the preparation of mustard?

A hang-out for vampire bats? 


It's egg white.

Yes, I know that egg white isn't usually hugely aggressive.

It's usually bookbinders who use the word glair (they use egg white as a glaze and a glue), but it can be used by anyone to describe anything that resembles egg white:

File:Jellyfish on the beach in Bolinas, California.JPG
photo by Airickson

Mind you, if you weren't jolly careful you might have to use the related adjective glaireous, instead. 

And that would be even worse.

Word Not To Use Today: glair. This word comes from the Old French glaire, from the Latin clārus, clear.

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