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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Feedback: a rant.

Will you give us feedback on your purchase of DOG-BREATH super-strength halitosis tablets?

Well, no, probably not, especially as my one cast-iron rule for writing is that everything must go out under my name: if I'm not prepared to own up to it then I shouldn't be writing it.

But still, reviews do help customers to choose the right product. 


Here's one I came across recently for a local heating engineer:

Thank you very very much florin and the boys you did unspeakable job for me. I will never look any where else for a builder busy or not I will wait for you. Will always recommend you you are worth every penny thank you.


Oh, yes, thank you, my boiler's fixed, now. Yes, it's working perfectly. 

But it wasn't fixed by the unspeakable Florin, no.

Word To Use Today: unspeakable. Why unspeakable should mean dreadful when unbelievable usually implies good I do not know. The word speak comes from the Old English specan.

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