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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Thing To Not Be Today: trepid.

Intrepid we know, but what about trepid?

It looks as if trepid should be intrepid's opposite, but what's the opposite of that? What's the opposite of the urge that encourages us to explore criminals' hideouts, mysterious pot holes, haunted houses and so many other challenging places, from beauticians' parlours to Korean dog restaurants?

For those of you who have come up with the words sensible or living, I say away with you!

In any case, trepid doesn't necessarily describe someone afraid to leave to confines of home, it just describes someone timid - probably too timid to risk using the word trepid, which might call attention to the essential selfishness and dullness of a life of, well, trepidation.

So: do something new. Take a different road home, or wear a hat, or try a new writer.

Try a new food (though I wouldn't try dog, myself); say what you think; wear false eyelashes. 

Dare to be different.

Just for once.

File:Morris dancer, York (26425183210).jpg
photo by Tim Green

Thing Not To Be Today: trepid. This word comes from the Latin trepidus, fearful or timid.

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