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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Thing To Be Today: brave.

Being brave means stepping away from the track you've trodden smooth.

It's saying what's surströmming?* and having it anyway.

It's going to the party in the orange blouse.

It's being resolute, but not angry.

It's asking her out.

It's saying what you believe, and listening with an open mind to those who disagree.

It's looking at everything properly.

It's asking for help.

It's not asking for help.

It's knowing that something else is more important than you.

It's jumping into space.

It's picking yourself up again.

Above all, it's being properly alive.

Thing To Be Today: brave. This word comes from the Italian bravo, courageous or wild, and before that may come from the Latin barbarus, barbarous.

*Swedish fermented fish. There's a video below, but I couldn't honestly recommend that you watch it. Unless you're feeling brave...

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