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Friday, 2 June 2017

Word To Use Today: slorm.

Slorm might sound like the domain of some particularly irritable dragon, but it's a very useful word indeed. In fact those of us not from the Midlands of England, where slorm has its home, have been missing out on a treat.

Slorm, you see, means to wipe carelessly.

And surely a day never passes when we don't feel at least tempted to do that.

Word To Use Today: slorm. This word comes from the English Midlands, but I haven't been able to discover where this word comes from historically before that. Sl- is often used for sticky and messy things, though - slick, slop, and slosh, for example - so my guess is that this word, like Topsy, just growed.


  1. I never encountered this meaning For us 'slorming about' meant 'lounging about'. (This was in Derbyshire)

  2. My husband uses the word to describe food that has been coated in a sauce he does not like as in, ‘the sandwich was slormed in mustard’,

  3. How interesting, Twinkle: thank you! That seems like an extension of the slorming I know, as it's concerned with a coating of something reprehensible and probably fairly disgusting. Like mustard, in fact!