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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Saturday Rave: Twitter

Twitter was launched on July 15 2006.

A Tweet, at a maximum of 140 characters, is a terrific thing. The format focuses the mind of the writer, and wastes very little of the time of the reader. Everything is revealed very quickly - though I have to admit that the revelation, while a great shining and valuable thing, is not always to the advantage to the tweeter.

Twitter has helped organised protests, wars, revolutions, riots (for example in Iran, Gaza, Egypt and England, respectively). It's been banned in China, Iran, North Korea, Turkey, Venezuela and Egypt.

It's helped organise assistance for people caught up in bush fires, and provided a means of discussing the latest episode of a soap opera.

The Pope tweets, as do 124 other Heads of State (but the most followed person on Twitter is Katy Perry). 

Twitterbots tweet, too. They are robots pretending to be people. They never get bored or tired and are believed to be persuasive.

Twitter can be narcissistic, vicious, witty and hilarious. It provides news, gossip, information and some simply wonderful poetry.

Force for good or force for evil?

Both. Either. But a force.

Word To Use Today: one in a sentence which contains fewer than 140 characters. That means you can choose any of them. Even pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis fits. 

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