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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Sunday Rest: pouffe. Word Not To Use Today.

Pouffe, pouf, whatever.

Photo by Dontpanic 

Apart from the fact that the stupid things are heavy, too low, ugly in form, present a tripping hazard, are unsuitable for elderly aunts, and take up far too much space, how on earth can anyone say the words do have a seat on the pouffe without embarrassment?

Because I certainly can't.

Word Not To Use Today: pouffe or pouf. This word was borrowed in the 1800s from French. Pouf has also been used historically to describe various bits of padding,whether they support a lady's powdered hair or her ridiculous panniers of her skirts.

Illustration by Claude-Louis Desrais

Poor Marie-Antoinette's pouf was one of the reasons she was targeted during the French Revolution. Poor woman: executed for a pouf!

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