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Monday, 17 July 2017

Spot the Frippet: frock.

I don't see nearly as many frocks round here as I used to, which is a pity as they're always interesting.

No, no, they are. Even if you have no knowledge of fashion, even if you even think fabrics are beneath you (almost certainly true if you're sitting down) then ask yourself: why has that person chosen to wear that frock?

photo by  Glenn Francis

Is it a uniform (and if so, why is the uniform of that particular design)?

File:Mary Cassatt - Children in a Garden (The Nurse) - Google Art Project.jpg
painting by Mary Cassatt

Is it to protect the wearer from the elements (unlikely, if it's a frock)?

Is it to conform to standards of public decency (to some extent, almost certainly)?

Is it to proclaim membership of a group?

File:Christian Dior Dress.jpg
dress by Dior (well, who wears Dior?)

Is it to annoy/offend members of a group?

Is it to show off?

File:Betsey Johnson, Red Dress Collection 2007.jpg
Photo of designer Betsey Johnson by The Heart Truth

Is it to prevent people showing off?


Is it to attract admiration?

File:Rihanna AMA 2009 Red carpet.jpg
photo of Rihanna by Keith Hinkle

Is it to prevent attracting scorn?

Oh yes, there's a lot of interest in frocks.

For the entirely blokeish men among you there are frock coats, of course:

File:Frockovercoat 1903.jpg

 though these are seen more rarely nowadays than men wearing frocks

And in New Zealand there are frock tarts, which are what the rest of us would call costume designers for the large and small screen.

Go on, see if you can spot a frock

Extra points of you can spot a spotted one.

Spot the Frippet: frock. This word comes from the Old French froc and is related to the Old High German hroc, coat.

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