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Thursday, 7 May 2020

All rather wearing: a rant.

'Look!' I said, wiggling my feet proudly. 'New shoes!'

My husband sort of grunted, which is the most you can expect. He doesn't really get the joy of shoes.

'Are you going to wear them?' he asked, in some surprise, as I walked off (he himself likes to keep his clothes in a cupboard for a year or two before he actually puts them on).

'I thought I'd wear them in,' I said. 

Later, as we were leaving the house to go for our daily exercise, he asked again if I was going to wear my new shoes - which was silly as I'd already told him I was wearing them in.

' you're going to wear them out, as well, then,' he said.

And that was when I understood the problem.

As I explained, I was wearing them in by wearing them out because I could hardly wear them in by just wearing them in, could I?

Mind you, I have to admit that if I wear them out too much then I'd probably wear them out.

Oh dear...

...I suppose I'll get the hang of this English language thing eventually. 

But meanwhile it's all rather wearing.

Word To Use Today: wear. The Old English form of this word was werian

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