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Sunday, 10 May 2020

Sunday Rest: luge. Word Not To Use Today.

No, no: there are luges that can be used in summer:

File:Classic luge 1.jpg

That is, apparently, a classic luge or street luge. Photo by Calixtocapi

but here is the usual sort of luge, which is used on snow:

photo by Mmartling

Yes, it is hardly more than a tea tray. You lie down on it and encourage the thing to hurtle downhill at getting on for a hundred and fifty kilometres and hour. 

The funny thing was that the sport was invented in St Moritz in the 1800s when the town was principally a health spa.

Well, I suppose those doctors needed to eat just the same as the rest of us.

Anyway, the word luge. It sounds like someone throwing up. 

But then, given the lunatic dangers involved, perhaps that's fair enough.

Sunday Rest: luge. This word is French, and before that Savoyard. It comes, probably, from the Latin sludia, sled, and is probably connected to the English word slide.

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