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Sunday, 3 May 2020

Sunday Rest: Buggin's turn. Words Not To Use Today.

Of course we believe what the experts tell us. 

Well, they wouldn't have attained their positions of power and influence unless they were really wise and knowledgeable and clever, would they?

This is why the British expressions Buggin's turn (or occasionally, and I suppose technically more correctly, Buggins' turn) must be banished completely from our lips and minds.

Buggin's turn is the phenomenon whereby people are given jobs because they are next in line in seniority, and not through any actual, um, merit.

As I say, best not even to think about it at the moment.

Words Not To Say Today: Buggin's turn. There probably wasn't an original Buggins, it's more likely the expression arose because the name Buggins doesn't exactly resound with dignity and incisive wit. The British Admiral Lord Fisher (1841 - 1920) noted that as regards Royal Navy promotions Buggin's turn has been our ruin and will be disastrous hereafter!

There's also a reference to Buggins in a Robert Herrick verse:

Buggins is Drunke all night, all the day sleepes,
This is the Levell-coyle that Buggins keeps

levell-coyle being a party game which involves swapping places. But whether that Buggins is related to Buggin's turn I don't know.


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