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Saturday, 23 May 2020

Saturday Rave: a six word story by Evonne.

Six word stories are an actual thing. 

Why, Ernest Hemingway himself wrote a horribly sad one.

As in all writing, it's comparatively easy to make people sad; but to make someone smile in just six words, that takes some doing.

This example by Evonne I found on a site called, appropriately enough, Six Word Stories.

(It's worth a browse.) 

 Penniless weirdo. Struck Lottery. Overnight genius.

(Six words is just the right length: if it were longer we'd probably see him get above himself, and then crash and burn.)

If you're feeling particularly bitter and cynical, of course, you could turn this story back to front and make it, well, particularly bitter and cynical.

Great things, short forms!

Word To Use Today: weird. This word comes from the Old English gewyrd, which means destiny, and is distantly related to our modern word worth.

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