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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Children - a rant.

I never seem to go long without hearing someone say children are...

Sometimes what follows will end in nowadays. This is practically always bad news.

But, however it ends, nearly everything people say which starts children are is rubbish.

I suppose children are shorter than adults (generally), and have less nose hair than adults (generally) and are younger than adults (can't see anything wrong with that one) but, most of all, children are different from each other. They are individuals.

Some children like pink, some like black. Some like interior design, some like beetles. Some like ice cream, books, cabbage, Latin, shoes, sheep, football, fell-walking, rap, rollercoasters, or nose-picking.

Some would be delighted to be given a huge stuffed gnome; some have taste.

Children are...different from each other. And they should be allowed to be.

And people who try to poke children into line with children are...don't help them at all.

Freedom for kids!

Word To Use Today: individual. This word is from the Latin word indīviduus, which means indivisible.

So don't let anyone cut any important bits off you to make you fit into other people's schemes. 

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