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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Thing Not To Do Today: blush.

Unless you're a peach or a bride* blushing can be just as embarrassing as the thing that's caused the embarrassment in the first place.

Those little blood vessels in your cheeks open up and, yes, the whole world knows you're squirming.

The best thing for preventing blushing is luckily easily within reach: it's getting older. Research has shown** that the older the person, the harder it is to make him or her blush.

But then you'll already have noticed that most old people, like parents, have, tragically, given up caring long ago.

Thing Not To Do Today: blush. This word is from the Old English word blȳsian, to burn, from the Middle Low German blüsen, to light a fire.

*Though there is the theory that brides don't actually blush, but are just flushed with triumph.
**Yes, yes, obviously this doesn't mean it's actually true.

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