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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Saturday Rave - Lord Emsworth and the Girlfriend by PG Wodehouse.

PG Wodehouses novels are wonderful. His short stories are close to perfection.

Most of his work concerns people falling in or out of love, and the same is true of Lord Emsworth and the Girlfriend, though the love here is of a very unusual kind.

In it the perpetually oppressed Lord Emsworth is so braced by his admiration of young Gladys that he even thinks of casting off the tyrannies of his sister, gardener and stiff collar together.

"The lidy didn't like Ern biting her in the leg, sir."
"Ern bit her in the leg?"
"Yes, sir. Pliying 'e was a dorg."
...Lord Emsworth breathed heavily. He had not suppose that in these degenerate days a family like this existed...It was like listening to some grand old saga of heroes and demigods.

Oh, and didn't I say? It's marvellously funny, too.

Word To Use Today: bite. This word is from the  Old English bītan, and before that it is connected to the Latin word findere to split, and before that to the Sanscrit  bhedati, he splits.

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