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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Thing To Do Today: scrabble.

And here's another lovely word: scrabble.

The game of that name has been in the news lately, having extended its list of allowed words to include, amongst other newcomers, innit.

A list of allowed words? But aren't all the arguments about whether scrabble is a proper name, or whether the word friseur is English, most of what makes Scrabble fun?

What? It's not about fun?

Oh well, whatever turns you on...

Anyway, scrabble. It's a lovely puppyish sort of word, and very useful for when you're trying to find a ringing mobile phone in a deep handbag, or the horn button in a new car when a truck is about to reverse into you.

I think we should all celebrate it.

Word To Use Today: scrabble. The game is a trademark, of course, but the English word comes from the Middle Dutch word shrabbelen, which is a frequentative of shrabben, to scrape.

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