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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Saturday Rave: Cinderella.

I can't believe I've not yet written a rave about Cinderella, but now I've come to think about it I've realised I don't actually own a copy of the story.

I've never missed having one, either, even though Cinderella is one of my favourite stories ever.


Well, firstly, because I know the story so well that I carry it with me at all times. I hardly need to read it.

Secondly, perhaps, because nearly every story in the world is at root a Cinderella story - or it was, until this fashion for post-modern nonsense took its slippery hold. Why, in 1893 Marion Roalfe Cox listed 345 variations on Cinderella in folk tales alone.

Anyway, Cinderella. You know all about Cinderella. Poor good girl, helped by magic power that exists to make everything fair, wins out over the baddies and gets her deserved reward.

What more could anyone want or hope for?

Word To Use Today: deserve. This word is from the Old French deservir, from the Latin dēservīre, to serve devotedly.

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