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Monday, 5 September 2011

Spot the frippet: something diaphanous.

                                                              Photo: Roger Prue

Just look!

Bees' wings, film of mist, shadowed silk,
Haze on hills, wind-blown grass, 
Blackest coffee swirled with melting milk,

Shining suds, spider webs, sea-crashed caves,
Freesia flowers, dawn-dewed breath,
Lacy fingertips of reaching waves.

Just look!

Spot the frippet: something diaphanous. This word comes from the Greek diaphainein, which means to show through.

There is the lovely associated noun diaphaneity, too.

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  1. Is that a poem by Sally P I see before me? Lovely if so. And a very super photo to go with it too! Made me feel quite GENIAL...see post above!