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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Saturday Rave: Jack and the Beanstalk

Fee! Fie! Fo! Fum!
I smell the blood of an Englishman.
Be he 'live or be he dead
I'll grind his bones to make my bread.

Now there's a bit of verse you just have to say with feeling, and usually while striding round the playground trying to look scary.

It's very important, that bit of verse: it's the only reason why the giant at the top of the beanstalk deserves his fate.

Anyway, good for Jack. He may be a fool, but he comes through in the end.

And so gives hope to us all.

Word To Use Today: fie! This has been an expression of distaste or mock dismay for...well, more or less for ever, really. Even the Romans were apt to say from time to time. This is one to use when the plastic veggie bags prove hard to open in the supermarket, perhaps.

Which is, after all, always.

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