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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Thing To Do Today: be genial.

This has been the coldest summer in England for...oooh, simply ages. So let's spread a little warmth and happiness: let's be genial.

So smile, please, everybody - and as for you, you frowning clouds, avaunt! Let the sun spread some genial warmth on our beaming faces.

You remember pleasant? Well, there's something to aim for.


But even if you're the irredeemably miserable type then you can still join in with being genial by sticking out their chins, because,
yes, genial also means to do with the chin. Your genial tubercules are a couple of bumps on the inside of your jawbone.

Thank you. That's génial, as the French say. Which means great!

Thing To Do Today: be genial. Genial is really two words. The chin-meaning comes from the Greek geneion, from genus, jaw, and the warm and happy meaning comes from the Latin geniālis, relating to birth or marriage.

And that must be enough to cheer anyone up.

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