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Friday, 16 September 2011

Word To Use Today: clog.

It's Friday, hurray, so how about a clog dance?

Or here's another one.

Clogs come from all over the place, but they're generally cheap, hard-wearing, good at keeping you out of the mud, and also good at protecting your toes when you're down the mine.

Those not in the mood for dancing are said to have used clogs to cause trouble at work or school (even the finest computer or piece of machinery will be taken aback by a good whack with a clog) which activity, sabotage, is said to be named after the French word saboter, to spoil by being clumsy, which in its turn comes from sabot, which means clog.

I don't know why, but clogs do seem to raise passions. There used to be a vogue for clog-fighting in Lancashire. This was also called purring, and was such a truly vicious activity that it even put participants at risk of - well, of popping their clogs.

Something for a clever clogs to steer well clear of.

Word To Use Today: clog. This is a 14th century word which meant block of wood.

The word clog meaning to post an unauthorised photograph of someone on the internet is a shortened form of Camera Log.

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