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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Back to back: a rant.

Look, if all these New Year TV programmes are really being shown back to back doesn't that mean there can only be two of them, and the second one must be shown in reverse?

Well, I suppose that at least it'd save us a lot of time wondering whodunnit.


Word To Use Today: whodunnit. Or whodunit. This is a slang form of who has done it? Journalist Wolfe Kaufman claims he coined the word in about 1935, but Sime Silverman is also claimed as the originator. The earliest appearance of the word whodunit occurs in reference to the film adaptation of the play Recipe for Murder, by Arnold Ridley.


  1. I always wondered how they could say more than 2 shows were back to back!
    Silly billies!!

    1. Unless there's some multiverse solution...

      Nah. You're right. They're just fools!