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Thursday, 16 January 2014

The cross party: a rant

In Britain, some people have plans to make a law that will make it illegal for someone to “intend to control or coerce” his or her  spouse.

But...that would put an end to marriage as we know it. Wouldn't it?
To make things worse, the report I saw in the Daily Telegraph says that the plans have attracted cross party support. For a moment I was glad it wasn't cross-party support; but when I came to think about it I realised that absolutely all political parties are terribly cross nearly all the time, aren't they? And so I'm horribly afraid these plans are bound to become law.

Will a husband ever put an empty beer can in a bin again?

I fear for civilisation, quite frankly.

Word To Use Today: spouse. This word comes from the Old French spus or spuse, from the Latin sponsus or sponsa, betrothed person, from spondēre to promise solemnly.




  1. So who will sort out the he-said, she-said stuff?
    I see one big mess coming right up!

    1. Good point. And would this make the old OBEY vow illegal?

  2. This would definitely be a case of the law being as impractical to enforce as the crime is to commit.


    1. I wonder if there's an opening for a Parliamentary language consultant? I'd be prepared to give it some thought.
      For a reasonable fee.