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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sunday Rest: aperture. Word Not To Use Today.

File:Scope Aperture.jpg

en:I B Wright The oval image of the rear element seen from the front of a Cinemascope lens.

Aperture is a fluky sort of a word. It's okay if you're talking about photography or telescopes, but never never even slightly tolerable in any other context whatsoever.

Hole. Gap. Opening. All fine words that can be pronounced without the spraying of saliva. Not only that, but they're understood by everyone.

And so, if anyone ever does say, I'm having trouble inserting the thread through the aperture in the needle, he should immediately be walled up in a small room without so much as a crack (let alone a you-know-what) in the plasterwork until he's learnt his lesson.

It'll make the world a much less self-important place.

Word Not To Use Today: aperture. This word comes from the Latin aperīre to open.

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