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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sunday Rest. Eupatrid: Word Not To Use Today.

So this word starts with eu and ends with something that sounds way way too much like putrid. I mean, what's to like?

 And just what iseupatrid, anyway?

eupatrid is a landowner or aristocrat who's inherited his land and/or title.

Ah well, I suppose it's a good gig if you can get it. I suppose a really big inheritance, if it comes with the right to wear strawberry leaves on your coronet*, say, might even be worth the silly moniker. 

Still...the eupatrid does make the coming-into-wealth-and-title stuff seem just a bit fairer, doesn't it.

Word Not To Use Today: eupatrid. This word comes from the Ancient Greek eupatridēs which means, literally, having a good father.

Though of course your dad doesn't have to have been rich or aristocratic to have been that.

And Maggie Makes Three3

*British dukes, marquesses and earls have strawberry leaves on their coronets, but they only get to wear them at royal coronations.


  1. How amazing....not a word I've ever encountered! Good about the strawberry leaves, though!

    1. Though it does make me wonder why strawberries? I must look it up.