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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Thing To Do Today As Long As No One Catches You Doing It: ogle.

It's a rather ugly word, is ogle...literally ogre-ish.

Ogle means to look at greedily. If it's a person you're looking at then you'll probably be drooling after that person's body rather than their mind.

Most people will resent this rather a lot. 

If, however, the individual being ogled has the brain of a doughnut - especially if this is because he or she is, in fact, a doughnut - then he or she won't mind being the object of an ogle at all. Well, they won't for long, anyway, because ten to one he or she will soon be washed down the great alimentary canal of death in bite-sized pieces, quite possibly along with a lashings and lashings of ginger beer.

There are, fortunately, situations actively designed to encourage  ogling, though I'm afraid they usually have to be paid for.

By this I mean of course the visual arts, and especially those on screen. These are usually full of ogle-friendly material: or, as it's usually rather neatly known in this context, eye-candy.

File:Red carpet 001.JPG
Photo: Warburg


Thing To Do Today As Long As No One Catches You Doing It: ogle. This word probably comes from the Low German oegeln, from oegen to look at.


  1. Yes, I know, ogle is a horrid thing to do. Maybe one could GAWP all that eye candy!

  2. Yes, you're right, gawping is much better. It lacks the implicit threat of an ogle, doesn't it.
    Henceforth I shall gawp.