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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Saturday Rave: Pigs Have Wings by PG Wodehouse.

If you adore seeing words arranged in patterns of precise perfection; if you have no very great opinion of people but love them dearly all the same; if you enjoy a plot that swoops through the text with all the grace of an greased swallow; if you relish being suddenly ambushed by cunningly-camouflaged jokes: read PG Wodehouse.

If you're not bothered about any of that stuff then you should keep well clear. Just don't come whingeing to me about the divine PGW, that's all, or I shall act like the manservant in PC Wodehouse's 1952 Pigs Have Wings.

Ice formed on the butler's upper slopes.

it says.

So be warned. 

I'll have you know I'm an aunt, you know.

Fester lurch 1966.JPG
Ted Cassidy (on right) as Lurch with Jackie Coogan as Uncle Fester (left).

Word To Use Today: butler. This word for the man who has charge of a house's booze comes from the Old French bouteillier. from bouteille, bottle.

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