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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Sunday Rest: noob. Word Not To Use Today.

Noob is an insulting term for a beginner, particularly one in an on-line forum or game.

The word is used principally by those whose sense of self-worth depends upon how many hours they have spent fighting non-existent gnomes with one hand while alternately scoffing tacos and scratching themselves with the other.

I'm not saying these people aren't without intelligence or wit - although their propensity to write the word n00b does rather suggest it.

Ah well. I seldom venture into on-line gnomes' labyrinths, so being called a noob isn't going to happen to me very often, probably. I can't help worrying, though. 

Come on: be warriors, you guys. Save the bullying and name-calling for the gnomes, hey?

File:Wiki - Garden gnome - 01050 - freestyle.png
Hand carved by Nathan Gardner of Nutmeg Designs, Maine USA.

Word Not To Use Today: noob. This is short for newbie, or newcomer.

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