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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Sunday Rest: broga. Word Not To Use Today.


Any ideas, anyone?

Okay, then, steel yourselves, because I'm afraid this is grim. Really very grim indeed.

Advertised as more macho than mantra, Broga is yoga for men.

'Matt [Miller] will tell you that while Broga is a yoga practice engineered for the make athlete, it is a killer workout for women.'

I'm not entirely sure what that last bit means, but I think I'll assume it's safer to keep well away, especially as the slick drum-beat on the website alone was quite enough to raise my blood-pressure.

Keep calm. I must just keep very very calm...

File:Yoga Meditation Pos-410px.png
Image by Cornelius383

Word Not To Use Today: Broga. I assume this is a conflation of bro, short for brother, and yoga. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word meaning a yoking or union, from yunakti, he yokes.

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