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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Sunday Rest: minding your p s and q s. Thing Not To Say Today.

A nasty expression, this: mind your p s and q s*, people say, meaning be careful your manners and opinions don't shock anyone.

Be careful your manners and opinions don't shock anyone...

I'm seldom out to make trouble, and I can usually manage to keep quiet in the face of idiots, but misrepresenting my beliefs...nah, sorry, that's more than I can undertake to do.

I'll say how interesting with the best of them. But if some idiot goes and asks me what I think...

...yes, it can get quite lonely at times. 

Still, it's good to know you're having fun with the whole alphabet, you know.

Sunday Rest p s and q s. This horrible expression gets even worse when you know its derivation. It's short for p[lea]s[e] and [than]k-yous. Yuk.

*Sometimes people write mind your p's and q's, but as far as I'm concerned that's just cruelty to apostrophes.

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