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Friday, 12 June 2015

Words To Use Today: eggler.

File:Chicken eggs.jpg

Eggler is too lovely a word not to use, and fortunately there are a lot more egglers around than there used to be. does sound fun, doesn't it.

An eggler is a dealer in eggs, especially one who travels around selling them. I've never seen anyone actually carrying around a tray of eggs for sale, but the current craze for keeping garden hens means there are sometimes egg stalls by the road side, and many boxes of eggs passed furtively under desks at work.

Keeping hens must be rather a lot of trouble.

But it might just be worth it, mightn't it, to be an eggler.


Word To Use Today: eggler. This word is marked archaic and dialect, but that's no bar to us using it with confidence and pride.

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