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Friday, 5 June 2015

Word To Use Today: lunarian.

A lunarian, as you may know or guess, is someone who lives on the moon. 

Now, I accept that you may not know anyone who lives on the moon; indeed, you may not know of anyone who lives on the moon; you may, in fact, hold the sincere belief that the moon is entirely uninhabited; but if it were inhabited, then the lunarians who lived there would surely set us an example of a civilised and refined society: peaceful, cool, concerned and clever.

Lunarian: an elegant name that suggests tallness, slenderness, beauty, and robes of the palest silks...though how the poor silk worms would get on in such low gravity I do not know.

If those lunarians seem sadly out of reach, then I bear good news, because there are lunarians on Earth, too. Their job is to map and study the surface of the moon. Lunarian can also be used to describe any scientist who's interested in the moon.

I have a suspicion, though, that the only silken clothes that sort of lunarian usually wears is a tie.

File:NASA Spacecraft Reveals Recent Geological Activity on the Moon.ogv
Smithsonian Institution Senior Scientist Tom Watters

Word To Use Today: lunarian. This word comes from the Latin lūna, the moon.

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