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Thursday, 15 July 2021

Flying Cars: a rant.

 You know all those futuristic gadgets we were supposed to be using by the year 2000? The food dispenser, the moon-village, the holo-deck?

No, they didn't, did they. 

Ah well.

But still, the flying car is here. Yes, really. You can see pictures of it HERE. The newly-invented AirCar flew from Nitra to Bratislava the other day (it can fly six hundred miles at 120 miles per hour) and after it landed at Bratislava airport its inventor, Professor Stefan Klein of the company Klein Vision, folded the vehicle's wings away neatly (it only takes three minutes) and drove right into the city.

The AirCar isn't licensed for commercial flight, yet, but that surely can't be long...

...except, hang on...

Michael Cole, the president of Hyundai's European operations, and a man who presumably knows the market, has just dashed my hopes. He says he expects flying cars will be widely available by the end of the decade, which is good news, but even then I'm afraid they aren't going to be a lot of use.

'There's some time,' he says, 'before we can really get this off the ground'.


Word To Use Today: ground. The Old English form of this word is grund and the Old High German form is grunt.

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