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Saturday, 17 July 2021

Saturday Rave: Upon the Swallow by John Bunyan

What do you think when you see a swallow?

I saw one yesterday, swooping almost to the ground over a muddy farmyard puddle. I marvelled at the way it cut through the air, the grace and speed of it.

I wondered if the puddle had engendered insects, or attracted them, for the swallow to eat.

I wondered at the swallow's being alone, and wondered if it had a mate somewhere close sitting on a clutch of eggs.

My companion was a keen bird watcher. I'm sure he would have been noticing and thinking quite different things. About migration, perhaps.

John Bunyan is best known for writing The Pilgrim's Progress. That great work was about how a man can live his life according to his Christian faith.

When John Bunyan sees a swallow, he sees something quite different from me.

This pretty bird, O! how she flies and sings,
But could she do so if she had not wings?
Her wings bespeak my faith, her songs my peace;
When I believe and sing my doubtings cease.

And there's the central the miracle of Art for you.

Dancing Beauty With A Swallow, China

Word To Use Today: swallow. The Old English form of this word is swealwe.

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