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Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Thing To Be Today: indefatigable.

 Today is a day to take everything in your stride. To climb that hill with perfect ease, to jump that stream, write all those letters, tidy that bedroom, weed the patch, patch the strides, stride the track, track the treasure, treasure the people, people the garden, garden the weeds, weed the patch...

But what I want to know is, what's doing all that stuff with indefatigable energy got to do with being fat?

Thing To Be Today: indefatigable. If being defatigable is to do with not being fat, then being indefatigable must be to do with being fat, yes?

Disappointingly, nope. The central fat but of the word indefatigable comes, sadly, from the same root as fatigue, which is from the Latin word fatīgāre, which means to tire. Dēfatīgāre means not tiring, and the in- bit just means extra, as in inflame.

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