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Thursday, 11 November 2021

The origin of Covid: a rant.

 Where did Covid 19 originate?

Well, don't ask me. Some tweets, which seem to come from China, have claimed that Covid-19 was imported to the Wuhan seafood market with a shipment of Maine lobster; but as other viruses similar to Covid-19 hang out in bats, that seems more than a bit unlikely.

Still, let's be generous. Perhaps the owners of all these Twitter accounts aren't liars or idiots (or both). No. Perhaps they know something I don't.

They were certainly anxious to get their message across, because they tweeted the information in several languages including English, French, Spanish, Korean, and Latin.


Well, in that case it's hard to argue they aren't idiots, anyway.

Word To Use Today: Latin. This comes from the Latin word latīnus, which means of Latium, which is the area round Rome.


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